“Bartimaeus by Design” began in 1999 as a metal product company who would address the needs of the various market segments associated with upholstered furniture. With this very wide approach the company was launched to concentrate on the ever growing contemporary/metal accessory portion for soft seating.

Our company is founded on principles of faith and fairness with the emblem and motto “live in balance.”  We set out from the beginning to establish this work of faith when most of our clients were approaching the pacific rim as their future hope for competitive solutions.  Our feeling then and now is that we will continually evolve with each of the client’s changing needs including:

  • quality innovative solutions to complex needs.
  • products designed in keeping with aesthetic needs.
  • a fair approach toward each clients custom requirements.
  • our employee/ partners’ welfare never compromised.
  • production process that continually moves towards perfection.
  • an approach toward our community that is not self serving.
  • appreciation toward the God given environment we offer to our grandchildren.

Early on we began to address the specific needs in corporate, hospitality, and health care tablet surfaces.  These surfaces meet needs ranging from:

  • patient eating surfaces on hospital recliners.
  • laptop support for educational lounging markets.
  • business solutions for hospitality.
  • congregating corporate solutions.

With many other versions of these primary markets, we addressed client by client the specific function which suited best according to their needs.

As we continue to evolve, we are willing and capable to support our clients’ ideas and develop those into great production solutions.

Finally, we are always mindful of the origination of good ideas and the strength to proceed.  With this appreciation to our maker in mind, we are poised to be your next and best vendor partner.